Emeril’s Garlic Soup with Eggs


It’s very exciting to harvest and store your own garlic. Over the years at farmers markets I have given many a customer advice and guidance on how to grow a little crop for themselves. I love hearing the happy success stories.  But at this time of year, garlic left to store as whole cloves will begin to shrivel and dry out. Oh, no!
  I have a friend who throws a garlic party first weekend in February every year. At first, I thought it a strange time of year to celebrate garlic, when the harvest happened back in July. But now, I get it:  Rather than let the remaining stash wither away, break it out and use it up!
One of my favorite garlic recipes (one I discovered at one of the said garlic parties) is Emeril Lagasse’s Garlic Soup with Eggs.  This delicious dish combines a smooth garlic puree with whole eggs poached right in the soup, resulting in a hearty, satisfying meal. Garlic and eggs may seem like an unusual combination, but this is so delicious.This soup can also be frozen prior to adding the eggs, to use up your garlic before it’s expired. Simply thaw, then reheat the soup and poach in the eggs.
  If you have your own chickens (or shop at a Winter farmers market), you’ve likely noticed eggs come into season again in January, so this is a great seasonal recipe to utilize what you have. Give it a try!


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