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Reposting since it’s that time again. First round of planting just done, and we are having a few days of really good rain: Not too much at once, and often during the night. The transplants are getting rooted in and seeds will be sprouting with the up-coming Full Moon. Now the watch-and-wait game begins: As soon as the soil dries enough I must get on there with the cultivator to keep ahead of the weeds! Great weed-control info in this post.

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It has been dry.  We were finally relieved with some pleasant rain showers yesterday afternoon.  Besides the obvious need to water the pants, I am excited because the rain will soften the soil slightly, so I can get out on them with the tractor to cultivate.  I have to be vigilant about when soil conditions are optimal to do so, too dry and the soil will turn to powder and blow away.  Too wet, and the weight of the tractor will compact and deteriorate the soil.

When growing organically, weed control  is a challenge.  I rely largely in mechanical cultivation, dragging blades through the soil to disturb weed seedlings.

Tractor with cultivator set up to weed around two rows Tractor with cultivator set up to weed around two rows

With this method, timing is essential.  Weeds are opportunistic and vigorous growers.  The younger the weed seedling, the better your chances of actually killing it. Especially if it you have dry…

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Chives Are Blooming!

Bees love these beautiful purple flowers!  They easily go to seed and drop on the ground, self-sowing in your garden.  These little beauties


are edible, so pop them in your salad for a burst of color, texture, and mild onion flavor!

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