Christmas is almost here…

That time of year again, a gentle reminder to Keep Calm and Be Merry! ūüôā

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Yes, it its that time of year, despite best intentions it is but a couple days before Christmas.  Ready or not.

I know, because I have been reading and hearing a steady stream of complaints in person and on-line. ¬†Surprizingly, many people ‚Äúhate‚ÄĚ wrapping resents. ¬†Or shopping for gifts. ¬†Or baking cookies. ¬†Or decorating the tree. ¬†Bah, humbug!

I never cease to wonder at these folks.  How could they have come to hate the work of Christmas?  Maybe a few have a legitimate reason:  bad childhood memories, or loved-ones lost too near Christmas day.  But the overwhelming few are just complaining.  About being Merry.  And sharing. And celebrating.  Or is this not what they are doing?  Perhaps this is the issue.

I will certainly admit, battling other crazed and hostile shoppers in a store is not alot of fun.  But I am always so grateful that I have the money to spend…

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