Planting Garlic

Now’s the time to prepare to plant your own garlic.

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One of the last few tasks in the garden each year is that of planting garlic. You can buy garlic heads to plant at a farmstand or farmers market.  The grocery store is not the best place, as what they have is likely to come from elsewhere, and you want something grown close to your location, so you know it will grow well.  Take your heard and break it apart to reveal several individual cloves.  These are what you will plant.  Look at them closely, the end with the tiny point is the top, the bottom being the roots.  Plant them root down.  They will grow if planted upside-down, but they will not get as big.  (They are interesting to look at, though!)  Plant the largest of your cloves, eat the smaller ones: The larger the love, the larger the finished head of garlic next year.

Garlic grows best when planted in the fall, anytime after October 1st…

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  1. sunhfarm
    Jan 13, 2014 @ 15:59:29

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    Not the most ideal, but as a last resort garlic can be planted during the January thaw. I have had good luck and descent yields poking leftover cloves into the ground in January, when we usually have a bought of warm weather and the snow melts off. Be sure to get the cloves in as far as you can, for the ground will continue to heave as it freezes and thaws the rest of Winter. It’s still a good idea to mulch your planting, too. The resulting garlic will be smaller than those planted in the Fall,


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