Seconds, Please! (Getting More From Your Garden)

Some of the veggies we grow in the garden are very delicate; the slightest stress from weather or bugs and they’re toast. Others seems to thrive no matter what befalls them.  Members of the Brassica family, or Cole crops are especially hardy.  Broccoli, cabbage, kale, collards are in this group.  They will grow in heat, cold, wet, can tolerate dry conditions, and improve in flavor after the fall frosts.  And best of all, even after cut and harvested, they still aren’t done!  Many cole crops are cut-and-come-again, meaning if the plant is left in the ground when the edible part is harvested, the plant will regrow more to harvest!

Broccoli ready to cut

Broccoli ready to cut

Many gardeners already know that after cutting the first head of broccoli, if left in the garden the plant will send out a flurry of fresh tender shoots.  These quickly add up many more meals of broccoli, extra to freeze for later, or more sales at market.  But be sure to pick them when they are prime, for just like the main head, they will shoot up to flower tiny yellow blossoms if left too long.

Broccoli buds

Broccoli shoots

Bee-Friendly tip: To be friendly to honeybees, allow a few broccoli shoots to go to flower, for they are some of the last flowers of Autumn and the bees absolutely love them!  You’ll soon find them busily buzzing and twirling about them, grabbing a last little bit of nectar for the Winter stash.

Cabbage ready to pick

Cabbage ready to pick

It may be a surprise to find out that cabbage will do the same thing!  After harvesting the main head, leave the rest of the plant in the ground and wait.

Within a couple days, 5 little new cabbage buds will appear.  These will grow into 5 new little cabbage heads.

5 little cabbage buds

5 little cabbage buds

5 new cabbages

5 new cabbages

Chinese cabbage will do the same thing!


Chinese cabbage sprouts

Chinese cabbage sprouts

The resulting cabbage heads will not reach full size, but they are great to eat and really help extend the harvest.  And they’re actually pretty popular to sell at market, with more and more singles and couples looking for smaller portions to keep their servings fresh.



Fresh harvest from the garden is such a delicious and satisfying treat, it’s great to  know that some of our favorite crops even serve up seconds. 🙂

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