High Tunnel Still Kicking!

Here it is, Halloween.  I am canning tomatoes.  Still.  And drying hot peppers. Lots of them.  Obviously, the purpose of putting up the High Tunnel was to extend our harvest season, but still I have been delighted with the amazing results!

I knew that the tunnel would give me a little extra time on the warm-loving fruits of tomatoes and peppers.  But I did not anticipate just how long the tunnel would carry them over.

Not only has it kept the tomatoes, hot and sweet peppers and eggplants producing through the light frosts, but now there have been multiple hard freezes, and the fruits just keep coming!


Some of our recent harvests from last week (week of Oct. 24th).  Tomatoes, Hungarian Hot Wax, green and red bell peppers, and assorted other hot peppers.

These Cayennes just won’t quit!

New planting of mesclun salad mix and spinach, currently for sale at the markets. These greens prefer the cooler temperatures of Spring and Autumn.  We have also started another bed of mustards, arugula, mesclun and spinach

We plan to let the tomatoes finish out in the tunnel, them pull them up.  In the Spring we’ll plant the first lettuces and spinach in their place.

Last year we had fresh greens for sale clear through December.  It will be fun to see how the plantings do this year.  We look forward to the great addition to our own menus over the winter months.  I just need to get a pair of snowshoes to get out there!


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