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Off into the sunset?


   One might wonder whatever happened to Niechelle, as blogs have not been seen lately.  The answer is two-fold:  One being I am currently without a desktop computer to efficiently compose, the other is that Summer is in full swing here at Sunny Hill Farm.  Hay is being bailed and put up for the Winter, the fields are blossoming with produce, market is running three days a week, and the kids are bust preparing too show their 4H animals at the Broome County Fair at the end of this month. 

    Busy as we are, we do make time for the most important task of this season, putting food up for Winter.  You may have noticed berries of all sorts are becomming abundant, and now is the time to gather them up are create you own store.  We enjoyed a short strawberry season this year, but did manage to get a few jammed up or put in the freezer for later.  the kids have collected wild blackberries and raspberries, also saftely tucked away in the freezer.  Berries of all kinds freeze well, just spread them out a bit on a cookie sheet and freeze solid, them pour them all into a freezer bag.  Berries also can be canned, made into jam or jelly, or dehydrated. 

     If you do not know alot about preserving foods for later, now is the time to do some homework, collect recipes from others, and especially connect with others who do have experience to share.  There are a number of amazing rescources on the internet.  Hopefully I can post some to look at shortly, and feel free to share your favorites here in the mean time.  But don’t feel you have to tackle it all at once.  You could start by picking a few foods you use the most to learn from, or pick one method, such as freezing foods, and then try you hand at canning next year.  It’s up to you, and keep it fun and interesting.

  Few things are more satisfying than serving your loved-ones a special treat of their favorite fruits for the Holidays (or any special day), and with just a little planning ahead, you can delight even yourself.

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