New Crop of Creamed Honey


        We just finished a fresh batch of Creamed Honey!  Sometimes called spun honey, this is honey that has been sugared into an ultra-fine crystal,  giving it a texture of satin; very thick, smooth and silky.  It has the feeling of being whipped.  Although very buttery in texture, it is made with honey only, no butter or dairy products involved.

        We can only make this during the cold winter months.  To create a batch, we first select an especially tasty honey from flowers that sugars easily and evenly.  Aster, Joe-Pye-Weed, and Boneset are good choices.  The honey must have a great flavor and work well with the fruits we add for flavors.  We take a pound of creamed honey saved from last year and add it to ten pounds of fresh liquid honey.  After blending in the “seed” of creamed honey, we may add dehydrated organic fruits for different flavors.  Besides plain, we make orange, blueberry, blackberry, raspberry and cinnamon.  At this point we  can jar up the honey and then store it at or below 40 degrees for two weeks.  During this time, the fine crystal of the seed proliferates throughout the rest of the honey, producing a batch of spreadable, silky creamed honey.

       This is excellent spread on toast or biscuits.  My kids also like to dip pretzel sticks, apple or carrot slices into it.  It mixes up nicely with cream cheese or vanilla greek yogurt to make a great dip or spread for fruits as well.   The cinnamon worked terrific by itself to flavor apple pie.  And our orange flavor is fabulous cooked with chicken or pork.  The possibilities are endless!

       So far we have a fresh batch of plain and cinnamon ready for market this weekend.  In the meantime, we are very busy making sure these batches are up to standard!  😉

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  1. sue ospelt
    Feb 28, 2011 @ 15:32:14

    sounds wonderful.
    I could add this to plain yogurt and avoid “natural flavors” which I think are givin me headaches


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